Dear friends! Since 1997, the company “POLIMOBIL” created a prestigious furniture at European level, which is considered today to be the standard of comfort and quality. Throughout this period, we have implemented the best European production technologies and worked on the product, which we can proudly call it “unique”. Unique in the first place due to the combination of the most important properties for buyers: reasonable price, high quality and comfort.

The line of models capture through its variety and splendor: kitchens, hall, wall units, tables, chairs, sofas, corner units … The whole assortment is produced on the newest imported equipment that ensures high quality and productivity. The main task for the enterprise team, consisting of more than 80 people, is the continuous expansion of the variety and the renewal of manufactured products that meet the modern style and high quality. More than 50% of the upholstered furniture and 97% of cabinet furniture are manufactured on individual orders of any complexity and forms, depending on our possibilities.

By creating and selling our furniture, we are guided by the global idea of quality in every detail: from the careful selection of materials, mechanisms, fabrics and components to the standards used in customer service. All new product models are tested under the strictest rules and have to endure the action that imitates long-lasting daily use.

The variety of furniture manufactured by “POLIMOBIL” is determined by the demand of the whole market. At present, “POLIMOBIL” manufactures furniture not only for the private consumer, but also cooperates actively with design studios, as well as it always helps to arrange an office, bar, restaurant, hotel, club, fitness center, beauty salon … Since 2016 our factory has started to EXPORT in such countries as Czech Republic, Romania, where we have furnished hotels and houses. Our furniture factory has production facilities and qualified employees, which allows us to execute orders of any complexity in the shortest possible time. We guarantee quality. We are convinced that using the furniture of “POLIMOBIL” trademark, you will get the same pleasure that we receive by creating it for you.


A wide choice of models: from serial sets of furniture to exclusives;

Individual approach: non-standard solutions and personal projects;

Complex execution: all the furniture for the apartment and for business, correctly designed, all in one place;

Production possibilities: restaurants, hotels, clubs, fitness centers, beauty salons as well as children’s hospitals quickly and qualitatively furnished by us;

Execution efficiency: the shortest deadlines are possible, the maximum execution time of any order is 1 month;

High quality products: due to high performance equipment, raw materials and high-quality components, experienced specialists;

Delivery and warranty service.

Today the customer of the furniture factory “POLIMOBIL” gets the opportunity to design and order the furniture for himself or herself and for his or her business in one place: at Us.

“POLIMOBIL” produces furniture of various functional purposes.

• Furniture for home and business

• Upholstered furniture for home

• Tables and chairs

• HoReCa – for hotels, restaurants, cafes.

In addition, over 70% of furniture is created for individual projects in order to meet customer preferences. We make furniture of any complexity and forms, depending on our possibilities.

At our company we perform:

1. Design

2. Manufacturing

3. Transport

4. Installation

5. Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of furniture.